Sponsored Riders

Meet Chloe

Hi, my name is Chloe and i ride a Thoroughbred called 'Beau'.

Beau has something called 'roach', which is very mild however this still makes him super sensitive to his saddles. His spine is slightly crooked and he has big broad shoulders. His conformation has been tricky the work with, however Shantel did everything in her power to make a dressage and jump saddle work for him, and now i can feel confident that my horse is feeling the best! I've been working with Shantel for about 2 years now with her saddle fitting services and regular lessons.

I live in Burnie, Tasmania, and travel around the state competing in eventing, dressage and show jumping within Pony Club and Interschools events.

Meet Ruby

Hi, my name is Ruby and i have a horse called Paddy who is a Warmblood.

Paddy and I aim to start competing 1star next season and do Grade 1 trials, and i also hope to tackle some 110’s this SJ season. My long term goal would be to take Paddy to Melbourne and Adelaide International event!

Saddle fit has become an important part of my training routine. Shantel has shown me what to look out for and how to tell if my saddle was effecting my riding and horses performance.

I live in Westbury with my family, and travel around the state to compete in Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage for both Pony Club and EA events.

Meet Bethany

Hi, my name is Bethany and I ride two horses called 'Jenni' who is a Connemara cross, and 'Bliss' who is a Warmblood cross.

Jenni is my 2star eventer and 1.30metre show jumper, and Bliss is my young horse that is making her way up the grades. I was lucky enough to produce both of these horses myself, and with the help of Shantel I found out how my saddles were truly making me feel! After my first appointment with Summer Hill, I was amazed at the difference it made for both me and my horses with the simple changes she made to my saddle.

I live in Westbury with my family, and I have travelled across Tasmania and around Victoria and New South Wales with my horses in both Pony Club and EA Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping events.

Here at Summer Hill Equestrian we are very fortunate to have a super team behind us!

The three riders above all have a passion for their chosen disciplines, where they have seen the benefits of what a properly fitting saddle can do for both them and their horses. These ladies have seen first hand what a correctly fitting saddle can do, but they have also seen how an incorrect saddle has effected their performances and horses behaviours.

All three of these ladies are fully approachable, so if you see them at events don't hesitate to ask them about our current services!