Summer Hill Equestrian Saddle Selling Service.

For $85

  • Health Check & a Summer Hill Equestrian stamp of approval giving buyers peace of mind.

  • Professional & detailed photos.

  • Saddle will be thoroughly and deeply cleaned and conditioned.

  • Minimum of one post a week on all Social Media Sights (Instagram, Facebook)

  • Feature on her Website.

  • If you wish, she can take the saddle on the 20+ saddle fits she does across the state every week. Additional Fees apply if a saddle is sold to a saddle fit client. Please see below.

Do you want to advertise more than one saddle? That's fine, we got you! The starter fee will be discounted to $70 per saddle of you have two or more saddles to advertise.

**please note this starter fee is expected to be paid before any advertising starts***

For an additional 7% Commission on Saddle Fit Sales.

  • Shantel will take the saddle with her to the many saddle fits she does every day across the state.

  • Shantel can adjust the saddles to guarantee the saddle is presented in the best light, and allow clients to try them on their horses under her supervision.

  • She is trustworthy, and with your permission is also happy to facilitate communication between buyer and seller (providing the sellers bank details and contact info etc.*)

Saddles will be held by Shantel for a maximum of 1 month and returned with no commission fee if she feels the saddle is not receiving interest from her followers, as to not waste your time. But the saddle will remain on her platforms for as long as you wish.

* Shantel will not take cash or accept bank transfers into her own account from buyers under any circumstances.

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