Knowledgeable, Kind, Experienced

Shantel has been competing and riding for most of her life. She started where many do, on a naughty shetland at Deloraine District Pony Club. From there her passion for horses grew, taking her all of the country competing and getting an education in massage, saddle-fitting, and coaching.

Shantels Horses:

Tim: Tim and Shantel Won Grade 2 PCAT Trials in their second season competing together. Tim demands kisses at feed time and quite likes liquorice.

Rusty: Rusty is a quiet chestnut who loves a plod around the arena. He is incredibly intelligent at the same time as being incredibly lazy. Shantel often gives lessons on Rusty, a young girl of 5 is his favourite rider so far.

Freddie: Freddie is a beautiful OTT who was rescued on the brink of starvation. Freddie has been in Shantels capable hands for about a year now and continues to grow in strength and attitude. He's a trustworthy horse, and will sometimes fill in for Rusty when Rusty needs a break.

Friendly: Friendly is the recent addition to the clan, who has been a difficult horse to fit - luckly his mum knows how to fix that! lol