Knowledgeable, Kind, Experienced

Shantel has been competing and riding for most of her life. She started where many do, on a naughty shetland at Deloraine District Pony Club.  From there her passion for horses grew, taking her all of the country competing and getting an education in massage, saddle-fitting, and coaching. 

Shantels has extensive training in equine biomechanics, as well as an equine sports massage therapy qualifications and working towards her Society Master Saddlers qualification which is a world wide recognised qualification.

Her passion for saddle fitting was driven by being in the consumers shoes, and being sold something completely incorrect for the horse. She was made to feel that because she said she had the budget, they sold her the most expensive one on the rack. Therefore, when she headed off to nationals for eventing she found herself running around to find another saddle only weeks out from the event which made the trip extremely stressful!!

 Shantel has stepped into the world of saddle fitting to give owners confidence that what they are buying is correct for both the horse and rider.